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Oh NOES!!! IT's A NOSE!!!

Birdo is a beautiful dinosaur creature who is girlfriend to Yoshi. Nothing is really unusual about her, except that she has a pretty trumpet-like mouth! It's ginormousous!!

Birdo's History


bird started off as a blob of pink goo, and Yoshi somehow fell in love with it so he gave it a BIG nose.

First Appearance

Birdo first appeared in Super Ronald Galaxy as a Hater but became a Guy but


also a Girl AAAAAAAH

A Sordid Contract

Two years after her debut, Birdo sold her soul to the devil in exchange for her mouth. a trumpet-like mouth



Birdo is not really she, but an it who was created in a laboratory.

Death of the boogers

When Birdo got the news Booger Leader tried to kill yoshi she killed them


  • The only reason why Birdo likes Yoshi is because she has a big mouth although it's 2 centimeters smaller.
  • sHe is in Mario Tag  as one of the special types, the type with the best special items, her special is the egg.
  • She once sold mario cookies and got arrested for pooping on Pingu
  • Birdo one ate Wario but died but its ok because she was killing Pikachu
  • If she ruled the world, she would make Stop in the Name of Love the worlds anthem

Mario Tag Stats

  • Strength: 4/5
  • Speed: 3/5
  • Jump: 2.7/5
  • Special ability: 4/5