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Birdo's Boogers are little green goblins that live in Birdo's huge honkin nose. They are very evil and often try to destroy Yoshi, because they are jealous that Birdo pays attention to Yoshi and not them. However, Yoshi easily defeats the boogers and keeps Birdo to himself. However, after the booger leader came huge Yoshi killed both Birdo and the booger, which he was angry.

The Birth of the Boogers


The Booger Leader makes a bold announcement.

On the day that Birdo sold her soul to the devil in exchange for her nose, the devil was sneaky and put an evil booger inside the nose. That booger became the Booger Leader, and he decided to kill Yoshi. He formed a huge Booger Army and tickled Birdo's nose, causing her to sneeze. The sneeze shot all of the boogers into the real world.

The Physical Confrontation

The boogers waited until Yoshi showed up, then they followed Yoshi and waited until he was alone. Then, they sneaked up on him and surrounded him. Yoshi didn't even notice them until he had thousands of the boogers in his bedroom, waiting to attack. There was no escape. Yoshi had to fight for his life.

The Anti Climactic Battle

Yoshi had to fight the boogers. The battle went kinda like the re-enactment shown below.


The Boogers' Revenge


But, the Booger Leader survived and devised a new plan. Donning a spiffy cape, the Booger was now in a cool outfit. Booger Leader walked up to Evil Guy and offered to join him, but Evil Guy thought that he was cake and ate him. But Booger wasn't finished. Evil Guy thought that Booger Leader tasted bad and spit him out. Booger Leader was angry that Evil Guy had ate him, and the two engaged in battle. Eventually, Booger Leader lost most of his HP, and he ran away.

Booger Leader Meets the Devil

Booger Leader went to a place to rest. There, the devil randomly and anti-climactically appeared and offered a deal - if Booger Leader gave the devil his soul, the devil would make Booger Leader a ginormous giant. Booger Leader agreed and became huge.

Booger Leader Attacks Yoshi Again

This time, Yoshi couldn't simply step on Booger Leader, since he was a giant. So, instead, Yoshi just picked Booger Leader up and shoved him back inside a volcano, where Booger Leader remains to this very day. This caused Birdo to come back to life and love yoshi because he saved us all! birdo and yoshi have 1000 kids and are married

Birdo's booger poem collection

Boogers are what I love
They make me feel so good
I hope you like this poem
Well, at least I would
These things in my nose
Are funnier than TV shows
You may think it's just gross
But I name them all Moes
Boogers are green
Their capes are blue
I'm going to sneeze
And spread my boogers to you