Blah blah blah blah

Toad boring Mario.

Blah blah blah is what Toad says to Mario whenever he beats Bowser in Super Mario Palette Swaps. Some people think that Toad is really saying "Thank you Mario but our princess is in another castle", but it doesn't really matter. Blah blah blah has been mentioned in many games since.

Side Effects of Hearing Or Seeing the Saying in Public.

There used to be T-shirts with the saying on them, but people who have play FAR(t) too much Super Mario Palette Swaps saw these people, for some reason, thought they were Toad, not satisfyed with tormenting him in the game, beat the crap out of them! Or, maybe that was just me. That must be why I'm the only one here in the padded cell. Oh no, not the stun gun! Not the.....!