Bowser pictures logo used from 1923 to 2013

Bowser Pictures (otherwise known as Bowser Productions, formerly known as Bowser Studios) is a not bad movie company best known for making Toilet Paper: THE MOVIE! and The Dogfather. Bowser Pictures still exists today, and their average budget for one film $9.000 and a nickel. They even own Pixor


Bowser Pictures was founded in 1923 by Bowser to become popular than Mario. However, the movies were ok, but Plastinic. One movie was The Movie, which everyone loved . Bowser Pictures kept on making movies, though. They still exist today, making stupid films starring New Mario and his friends.

List of Random Movies


  • Bowser Pictures is located near Bob the Builder's house.
  • Bowser Pictures has made over 600 films, but everyone notice.