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I am very hungry. I wonder whats for DINNER. Oh, look, a PAGE TO EAT!!111 What us UnPeople mean is that this Page will Be Eaten by the Him!

Captain Lou Albano JPEG

Lou, Captain Lou Albano

“Do the Mario!”
Captain Lou Albano, whenever he does his dance move.

Captain Lou Albano is one of Mario's replacements. He always does a dance that a lot of people love. The dance is called "The Do The Mario". He knows how to talk and stick his pointer finger up, and swing his arms from side to side.

Super Mario Brothers Super Show Credits - Do the Mario!

Super Mario Brothers Super Show Credits - Do the Mario!

Lou Albano in action!

Captain Lou Albano has also, R.I.P Captain Lou Albano, "May you Do The Mario in your afterlife" This wath sez his fans. But Malleo said : "Damn you, Albano, May you rest in PAHDLES".

Captain Lou Albano was revived a one year later by Napoleon Bonaparte because Napoleon liked his dance.


  • If he ruled the world, he would Make everyone as happy as possible