Cheese bomb 626
Item type: "Food" Explosive
Where found/made: The Cheese Mine in Cheese Land.
Health effect: Explosive danger, bad for your health but tastes good. I like cheese.
Used for: Consumption & replacement explosives in millitary forces


Cheese in its natural habitat.


Cheese, also known as Nitroglycerin, is a mysterious awesome potentially explosive eatable substance. It has appeared in many shames where Mario eats it to grow big and healthy. It later appeared in episode 38 of SMK TV, where Evil Guy stumbled upon a long-lost cheese mine in Cheese Land. Eventually, some idiotic clown came and kicked Evil Guy out and took over the cheese mine.
Although popular belief states that cheese is indeed existent in the Real World, this is actually just an urban myth, as what is often called "cheese" on the Real World is, in reality, a vegetable that has similar qualities to cheese. Actual cheese has been banned in the Real World by Bill Gates ever since the Yoshi's Island Scandal, and has been reapproved by Deidara.
According to Mona, cheese is actually native to Planet Popstar, which makes an appearance by cheese, rather rare in Mario games. Cheese did, however, earn a reference in the TV show George W. Bush's Idiot Adventures; one time, George W. Bush warned America in one of his speeches, where he said: "I really like this, don't you?". Cheese is also an essential ingredient in Pizza, if it's not on the pizza, it's just bread with sauce.

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What you need to know

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The mascot for cheese

  • Cheese is made in the Netherlands.
  • In the world war 2, The nazi's used it to keep strong.
  • Cheese is smelly. D'Uh!
  • Cheese can be used to make a super awfully evil substance that causes type 3 diabeties, known only as "The Quarter Pounder".