Foreign Legion

Mario(right) and Luigi(left) in Foreign Legion uniforms.

The Foreign Legion is a French organization made up of freeloading soldiers from other countries; mostly jail convicts. Much to the chagrin of Yoshi, practically everyone joined the Foreign Legion during the Yoshi's Island Scandal.



The idea of a Foreign Legion was first conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto's pet rat, who happened to be a criminal mastermind. Napoleon, another criminal mastermind with no ability to distinguish right from wrong, then got the same idea about a year later, when he organized his mom, dad, and Uncle Harry to fight against evil villains. This early form of the Foreign Legion soon failed, so Bonaparte abducted Mario into the Legion. He later dragged Toad into it, and even managed to get Peach in on it. Later, he met DK, who willingly joined the army because there was nothing better to do. The only great accomplishment of the Foreign Legion was the kidnapping of Yoshi during the Yoshi's Island Scandal, who escaped the Bastille (the coconut-shaped jailhouse of the Legion) later anyway. After that, the Foreign Legion mostly held pizza parties until the ligeion then got boring and they cancelled it.