George W. Bush's Idiot Adventures was a cancelled TV show that nobody watched except George W. Bush and some Ancient Geeks, which aired in spring 2009. It was about George W. Bush who had troubles in his life, but then he found a magic bean (actually Popple, however because he does not have glasses he thinks it is a bean). He wished that he could be president. To achieve this, the "magical bean" stole the presidents' underwear and George took over.

George w bush idiot show

A George W. Bush's Idiot Adventures DVD box cover.

George gets in lots of adventures in this show. His secretary also helps him to get out of messy situations sometimes. The show was aimed toward people 15 and up, due to its violent nature (i.e. he gets his arm chopped off; eats his mother, etc.). The show only made 12 episodes, one of which was a crossover episode with The Adventures of Fred. There was also a crossover movie with The Super Evil Guy Super Show!. The show that replaced (in continuity sense) this show was The Government Funded Television Show.


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Season 1 (2009)

The show was cancelled because of its low ratings, and because some kids watched it and died, resulting in it being cancelled a second time.

Mario Series Related Stuff

This show was related to Mario many ways:

  • George Bush first appeared in a Mario shame.
  • Through the series, Bowser appeared trying to take George W. Bush's underwear.
  • Peach's head (that was cut off by Bowser's Wife) appeared covered in blood appeared in one episode. George threw it in the garbage can.
  • George talks in Luigi's voice in one episode. However it was a mistake.
  • Popple is one of the many main characters.
  • Magikoopas appear.
  • George ate Toads for lunch.
  • George once had Yoshi eggs for Breakfast in one episode.
  • Mario appears in every episode except the movie.