Dis ish ganons resting grounds.



"Your face shall be the GREATEST in Koridai the UnWorld!!"

What we mean is: This page is great ruled by Ganon.


I am very hungry. I wonder whats for DINNER. Oh, look, a PAGE TO EAT!!111 What us UnPeople mean is that this Page will Be Eaten by the Him!

MAH BOI Wallpaper by sonic VNN-1-

The King while he summons his boi.

The King of Hyrule (King Harkinian) is the King of West Hyrule. He originally ruled all Hyrule, but after the Hyrulian Civil War, he took West Hyrule, and gave Marth East Hyrule, yet soon after Squadala Man killed Marth and took East Hyrule. His favorite food is DINNER. He is infamous for leading the UnMario defense in PHILIPS, and took out UserBill with the almighty true power of DINNER. He believes that peace is what all true warriors strive for. He used to be Princess Zelda's father but in The Wind Waker he got turned into a boat or something. No wait, was that a different king? Despite being a good guy, he was the final boss of the cancelled game, Final Spaghetti where he can summon his Boi and use the powerful magic of DINNER. Mario and Mama Luigi had to chase after him as he kidnapped Peach, yet they forgot about her when they destroyed the castle. He is married to The Queen. He seems to like the Singing Parrots, as he can be seen in the background image of the Mic Test Parrot. Plus, in a few games, if you talk to him he will occasionally ask you where his parrots went. He admires the Powers of Morgan Freeman.


The King's OTHER henchmen and their headquarters

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