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Current Injured Article: Bowser

Bowser and bush

King Bowser Koopa is a horrible, not-so evil genetic mutation gone wrong, set loose to invade the poor town of Tokyo. However, he got lost on the way there, and ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he survives on a regular diet of Toads, heroic plumbers, and the occasional appendage of one of his offspring. (More...)

No-Ledge Base

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  • Guys – Nobody knows the main characters, but who cares?
  • Areas – All the ground zeroes from the various Mario shames out there.
  • Stuff – These are thingies used by somebody in the Mario shames.
  • Freaks – The many species of characters you'll run into playing the shames.
  • Friends – Throughout their travels, Mario and company ironically have picked up many friends.
  • Haters – Of course, Mario has enemies. What did you think?
  • Cool Moves – The cliché attacks and abilities of the Marioverse.
  • TV & Movies – All the shows that the plumber has used to made our brains rot.
  • Publications – Information on Mario books, magazines, and not-so-comics.
  • Noises – The earache causing noises used in the Mario shames.
  • Merchandise – The stuff that Nintendo's gonna regret they're making.

Wiki Stuff

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  • Dictionary for those idiots who don't have one.
  • Sightings from over there, 5 meters behind you.
  • Wipe Projects – Help out plumbers and wipe stuff up.
  • Injured Articles – Vote on nominated articles and browse a list of the least crappy ones, as chosen by someone whose name isn't Paul.
  • Teh Shrug – Write the news of the Mushroom Kingdom! Need some help making an article?? Perhaps you should call 911.
  • Sandbox – Build sand castles here!
  • Help – Pages to help start your vandalizations to the wiki.
  • Other Stuff – Lousy junk that doesn't fit anywhere.
  • Comic Convention – The #1 source for dumb comics.
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