Real Name: (Shupa) Malleo
Birth: 1991. He appeared after the first plane hit the World Trade Center
Age: 35
Health: Unknown
Family and relatives: Weegee
Death: Never Die if you trying to kill him
M.A.L.L.E.O. snapshot

the M.A.L.L.E.O.robot was destroyed by SpongeBob SquarePants.

“Fire flower!”
Malleo by theMarioBrother

Malleo 2.0 and his toon form


Malleo Evolution from Weegeepedia, Malleo's orginal sprite from Mario is Missing, Meegee a fusion of a Weegee clone and a Malleo clone, Malleo's 1.0 look, Meegee's orginal 2.0 look which was planned to be Meegee's 2.0 look, but it was scrapped and Meegee's 2.0 look is later used for Monroe, Meegario was a evil clone that Dr.Scientistgee made that wasn't evil, Awheeo, the biolgical brother of Weegee and Malleo's new and improved 2.0 look.

Malleo is a weird version of Mario, and another one of Mario's replacements. After Mario quited to form the Fantastic Four, Malleo joined Nintendo. Malleo starred in a couple of shames, even in a show as an intern after the airing of Exit CUPCAKE. In his spare time, Malleo helped Weegee take over the world, he was spoken in Part 4 of The last stand against WeeGee when a creepy fusion of Malleo, Mario and Weegee called Mawio was mistaken as Malleo. However, after Daisy killed Weegee, she then killed Malleo for good measure. Malleo somehow returned during the Second Un-Civil War in the form of Toon Malleo. He attempted to kill Bowser but was defeated when he was rammed in the face by the Halbeard, he underwent plastic surgery and robbed cheese shops in the guise of Meegee. He lived in Germany with his army of Mahziis. He is rumored to appear in Weegee's Time Machine along with his 'brother'. When he says the word "Fire Flower" he can turn anyone present into a... Fire Flower. He once did this to the Koopalings, who were returned to their original form by Napoleon Bonapartebutwere never seen a shame since.

Malleo Basket

Malleo in his toon form using his super strength to basket away from a group of angry police men from Germany.

He stars in his own shames Super Malleo Brothers and Super Malleo Galaxy.


Malleo(20??-)---Weegee(20??-)----Zelda King(1811-1481)------Gay Luigi(????-????)---------Mario Head(2004-)

Final Death?

In The War of the Black Crow, Malleo was the leader of one side. When Malleo and the other team were tied, he decided he wanted to kill Squidward. When Malleo was about to finish him off, Squidward took Malleo and threw him off the pillar they were on. Malleo fell to his death, never to return...

He returned the one second later because he landed on a FIRE FLOWA. Apparently, he's dead now anyway......or is he? Nah, he's probably dead.

However, he apparently returned once more, becoming an evil dictator, and took over several small villages with his new and improved Mahzii army. This aggregated the neighboring USSC ruled by comrade Dr. Robotnik and in retalliation, invaded Malleo's personal space. On 2 November 2009, Malleo apparently committed suicide by shooting himself in the head [1] as the red army slowly approached his bunker, destroying everything in its path (another report says that Malleo's bowles exploded while on the toilet). Despite his apparent 'final' death, he was seen in a wig and dress buying groceries, although this may have been Mama Malleo, this is unconfirmed.

Malleo in a car

Three Malleo clones in a car.

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