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MarioWiki is a pathethic wiki with lots of fake information. People go there to destroy it, but attempts so far have failed. The biggest attack was by a group of trolls called the MarioWiki Terrorists in B.C. 2896. The MarioWiki seems to have an ambiguous connection to the Foreign Legion, and some say that they may be planning a joint takeover of Earth. Two members of the wiki have been interrogated on the subject. They said nothing; they just looked at each other and laughed evily. This does not bode well for mankind. The people there speak L33t, and have an overt love for cheese. MarioWiki is also a huge rip-off of Wikipedia and UnMarioWiki.



The infamous picture.

This organization is suspicioned to have connections with extraterriesials, as one of the users claims to be from Mars. Also, one of the many crop circles found on Earth reads, from 500 feet in the air, "MARIOWIKI=PWNZORZ".

Notice that half of it is cut off. GO TO MARIOWIKI FOR TEH FUNZ

In 200.5, a bakery near the Sunken Gardens, Atascadero, CA, was raided. Not all the goods were taken, but the remaining pastries were set up to say "GO TO MARIOWIKI FOR TEH FUNZ" and "UNMERIOHWEEKEE SUKZ B4LLZ".