European box art, which has an ESRB rating for some reason.


American boxart of Mario Fart. Note that the side says DS instead of SD!

Mario Fart is a shame that is a spin-off of the Mario Kart games. Mario and company get on racing Fart clouds and race for a prize. It has many features, including a battle mode, a farting contest, fart into the mic, and many more. The story is all of the food has been replaced by Beans, and the characters fart like vehicles. Getting a lot of fruit will cause Dirahrea to happen. Wario farts the most in this game and Mario has the lowest fart in the game. New characters like Mari Oh! appear.


Applejack, the only pony character in the game had no cup about her. The bronies were pissed off about it but all they had was a drinking cup with her cutie mark in the mail.