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Mario Hoops 5-on-5
Developer(s) NintenDO
Publisher(s) NintenDO
Release date Is not released anywhere but your dreams and Heaven.
Genre Sports
Mode(s) Single-player, Multi-player, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Rating(s) Nobody
Platform(s) Nintendo DS

Mario Hoops 5-on-5 is the sequel to hoops 3-on-3. It was originally called Mario Hoops 7-on-7, but was changed to 5-on-5 even though there are actually 7 people on one team (Ninten'doh doesn't know how to count).



Judy Hopps for the game


Never forget

An Item for the game

Sometimes, item panels randomly appear. If you dribble on them, you obtain coin(s). If you walk on them, an item pops out.


  • Practiceball - Here practice you all basketball moves.
  • MKBT - Tourney mode. Choose a cup and play 4 courts in that cup.
  • Exhibition - Play a single court.
  • Nintendo WFC - Play a match/court/cup on internet.
  • Multiplayer - Play a match/court/cup with your friend(s).
  • Records - See all your records.
  • Options - Change things (Right/left hand, Ball uses, your name, etc.). Save things what you would.
  • Minigames - Play minigames with yourself or with your friend.


Other unlockables

Some characters have alternate costumes. You can simply play them to first earn the look, then choose the character who have the earned the look and press on the X Button. For pallette swaps (alternate colors), do the same, but instead of pressing the X button, press a directional button.

  • Paper Luigi playable: Green pallette swap for Paper Mario, got after beating Garlic Cup as Paper Mario.
  • Wario Biker outfit: Got after beating Garlic Cup, winning the gold prize.
  • Jimmy P.: Pallette swap for Jimmy T., got after beating Club Sugar as Jimmy T., scoring more than 400 points.
  • Mona cheerleader outfit: Get 400 points at Mona Pizza.
  • New Mario's Dr. outfit: Play the court Virus Factory with a male character.
  • Peach's Nurse outfit: Play the court Virus Factory with a female character.
  • Red, Blue and Green Koopa Kid: Pallette swap for Koopa Kid. Got after playing Bowser's Castle.
  • Daisy and Sunshine Peach: Pallette swap for Peach, got after playing Peach with her princess and nurse outfit, respectively.



  • A parody of this, Mario Poops 5-on-5, was just made yesterday.
  • They made a mistake on the Nintendo SD versions boxart and said it was rated E for Edwards ear got retarded.