Mario Lisa

Mario is female? Uh... let's not think about that too hard...

The Mario Lisa is a very famous painting by the artist Bill Cosby. The painting was widely sought-after during the late 1600s, until the rival of him, it's burned in Cosbica.

The Mario Lisa, like Mario is one of the dumbest things the world has ever known. Cosby was incredibly drunk when he painted it, so now it looks stupid. But at the same time everyone thought it was awesome because Bill Cosby painted it. The auction people sold it for lotsa money and then spent the rest of their lives as billionaires. Cosby wanted the money for his painting, but he was escorted out be security.

The new owner of the painting was some Frenchman. Cosby hunted down the Frenchman and killed him with pure awesomeness. Then Cosby stole the painting back and hung it in a museum where it belonged. It remained there for hundreds of years until it was stolen by Mario. Mario believed that it was rightfully his. Cosby gave Mario a deathglare, so Mario gave it back. The painting was eventually burned by Cosby because it was too dangerous for mankind.