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Mario Mart
Developer(s) Nintendon't
Publisher(s) Nintendon't
Release date 2006
Genre Shopping
Mode(s) Various including cheese-eating-mode
Rating(s) Idk
Platform(s) Nintendo DS

Mario Mart is a shopping and racing shame. It is a spin off of one of the Mario Fart games. The player races through many stores in a mall to spend the most amount of money. It has many features, including one which is unlockable. The game had a story mode, in which an ad came up on TV, saying whoever could buy the most useless stuff would get a 5636% discount on all items. Getting a useless item will boost the player's speed, while getting a non useless item will slow the player down.

As the game was famous, this game had a site, toys, and 15,000 tons of cheese. However, after the game got boring, Mario Mart's site went down, the toys exploded very loud, and the official artwork was lost down the sewers.

It has a rival, Mario Kart.

Playable characters

Cory baxter

Cory Baxter in the game

This list is incomplete! Whoever has this game put more characters!

Race Car





Thomas the tank engine


Clean Cup

Eattime Cup

Magazine Cup

Coffee Cup

Special Cup

Thomas Cup

Green Pig Cup

Poop Cup

TF2 Cup

Crappy cup

Train Cup


Many bronies were pissed off because there were no cups for Applejack and Rainbow Dash while the rest have their own cups. This caused a riot at Nintendo's office demanding a cup about them. What they got is literal cup with Applejack and Rainbow Dash's cutie marks thrown at them. their response was "THERE. HERE'S YOUR CUPS. NOW GIVE THEM TO APPLEJACK AND RAINBOW DASH!"


A Sequel is planned for release in 1 minute. The title of game is called Mario Marters




4088633 orig
Feels the Man
Dragon up
Pepe the Frog
Cory baxter-0
Disco man