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Mcdonalds fail
Where: Various locations, including the Super Mario Palette Swaps bonus level, Super Ronald Galaxy, Ronald McDonald's Racing Challenge etc.
Inhabitants/Residents: Ronald McDonald
When created/discovered -10- A.D.
Size: 134m³
McDonald's is a fast food restaurant run by Ronald McDonald. It first appeared in Super Mario Palette Swaps as the unlockable final level. The boss was Bob the Builder, who attacked by throwing crowbars at Mario. Many people thought that this was racist, but it was not. It is also seen in Super Ronald Galaxy where it's revealed that McDonald's is powered by the Power Stars, which are stolen by The King and Colonel Sanders. Also, it's the tutorial level in the game, where it's being attacked by Goombas. As Goombas are almost indestructible, it's one of the hardest levels ever made in a shame. It also appears in the last unlockable Galaxy in the game, called Fast-Food Galaxy.The McDonald's in the shames was so popular that it was turned into a real-life franchise of restaurants. McDonald's currently serves Chinese food (burgers, fries, shakes, etc.). If you were smart... you'd know that there are Goosu Goombas, that are Goombas mixed in Katsu Dust in their burgers. So then whenever they say "Katsu", you blow up and reincarnate as one as one of Birdo's Boogers. That is why she is blowing her nose now.
McDonald's sign

The McDonald's logo

Then it DIED

Super Ronald Galaxy

Galaxy/Missions Planets/Enimies Goals
The Children Playrooms Starting Planet

Black Hole Planet

Metal Planet

Flipswitch Area

One Arrested Heaven Baby Angry Lumas


Mini Goomba

Big Goombas

Rescue the Grand Star
Portal Purp Pattie Passage Goomba

Angry Lumas

Mini McBurgurlar

Thorn Flower

Collect 100 Purp Patties
Ghostly Race Staring Planet

Spooky Speed Planet

One Sinister Stroll Complete the Race