Mummio is a replacement for Mario in the Mario replacement chain. He was discovered for the Mario

This is why Mummio cannot be taken seriously.

replacement try-outs in Antarctica, shortly after Dry Mario's death. Thus, there have been theories that Mummio and Dry Mario are the same person, or that Mummio is a version of Mario that lost a life. Mummio featured in several games, such as The Mummio series. Mummio eventually returned to his homeland in Antarctica, where he disappeared forever. It is generally believed that he is trapped in the ice somewhere.

First Appearance

Mummio first appeared outside Dry Mario's fortress in 1813. Since the rest of the world was still recuperating from the War of 1812, in which Dry Mario had participated a year before, nobody noticed Mummio's existence. Today, it is generally believed that Mummio had wrapped himself in bandages to keep himself warm, but some people believe that he was created in a bathroom and wrapped himself in toilet paper. The generals that believed this have been fired by the Men in the Suits.

Being Hired By Nintendo

Mummio was later found by Nintendo, who were on an Antarctic expedition to research ice physics for a level in their newest Mario shame. Since Nintendo's latest Mario replacement, Hitario, had died, Nintendo decided to hire Mummio to star in their later shames. This didn't work out so well, however, as Mummio would always trip over his bandages and fall into random traps, bottomless pits, and Goombas. He was eventually sent back to Antarctica, where he disappeared.

Possible Causes for Disappearance

  • Trapped and frozen in the ice
  • Killed by Mario, who once vowed to kill all his replacements
  • Froze to death in the ice
  • Froze to death in the snow
  • Froze to death in the belly of The Whale, which occasionally migrates to Antarctica
  • Was digested in the belly of The Whale, which occasionally migrates to Antarctica
  • poked a Goomba
  • breathed