New Mario break-dancing.

Mario 5-on-5

New Mario in Mario Hoops 5-on-5.

New Mario (nicknamed The Newest of the Marios, MJ Mario, Breakdancer Mario) is an actor who loves dancing. He is like Mario, except he's not a cookie. He replaced Mario for a while but then Nintendo hired Cario, later Hitario then Wario and finally went back to Mario. He has a brother named New Luigi. In The Super Evil Guy Super Show! he is one of Evil Guy's main foes. In Super Nintendo Bros. Brawl, while the filming of the movie, Mario got terribly sick and had to be replaced by New Mario. However, during the filming of a stunt in a cutscene he died in Real Life. Because Nintendo didn't want to hire a new actor, they just said New Mario had died in the game and was killed by Giygas. He was brought back to life after Mario was sued for suckage. He is the only person who can wield the blue darksaber.


New Mario

New Mario.

New Mario With Blue Darksaber

New Mario with his Darksaber.