Peachycakes trying to find some cheese to destroy.

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Peachycakes is best known for founding the MarioWiki Terrorists. She idolizes Daisy to the point where she once tried to create a clone of Daisy. She failed, however, and the clone turned into something horrible. She is currently the main developer of the upcoming shame Super Princess Daisy. Peachycakes was the final boss of Mushroom Black, as she's a Cheese Hater. However, during the final fight, Peachycakes fell into a vat of boiling Cheese, either killing her, or making her a little more powerful. R.I.P Peachycakes 2006-2007 We will always miss you. GOOD LUCK IN THE OVERTHERE!


  • Another thing known about Peachycakes is that she makes Peachy Cakes.
  • Peachycakes should have appeared in Mario Hoops 5-on-5, but didn't make it into the game. Her slot was taken up by Yoshi for some reason(I forget why).