Pickle, as he appears in SMK.

Pickles are the power source to Mario and Luigi's fireballs. Just by destroying one of these sacred foods, the Mario Bros. could lose all their power, however, people have recently discovered that flowers actually are Daisy's minions, thus granting fire power. The pickle was mentioned first in episode #14 of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!, where Bowser complained about a sliver in his foot. He then yelled out with dramatic exclamination, "HOLY PICKLESAUR!!! MY PICKLING FOOT!!!" Angered by this, the pickle returned to get revenge in episode #15.

Probably the most notable of the pickles is Yoshi. Little is known about Yoshi, though, and some have stated that his whole existence may be a conspiracy. If his existence were to be true, he would probably be the oldest living pickle to date, being born in the Phailuracious Era.

A different pickle also appears in an episode of SMK. However, this pickle was living, and was an enemy at Tumble Tunnels. This pickle also was Evil Guy's assistant in Super Mario 128. He died, but in the end was used to turn Luigi into a pickle.

This evil pickle appeared again as a playable character in Mario Mart, having the rarest unuseful item of all- pickle juice. He also appears in The Super Evil Guy Super Show!, where he appears as Evil Guy's sidekick in most episodes.

Ultimate pickle

pickle as he apppears in pickle unleashed

he also has his own game named pickle unleashed