The honorable Reverand Tryclyde, presiding over a sermon in his newly built church.

Reverand Tryclyde is a three-headed, firespitting snake who currently happens to suffer from mental retardation and excessive compulsive disorder, needing to always say something three times.

Tryclyde, being shunned by everyone else for his perceived stupidity, was eventually taken in by Wart, who manipulated the mentally challenged Tryclyde into becoming his henchmen. Unfortunately, Tryclyde proved to be incompetent in being a henchmen, the fireballs he spat always always missing their target; Tryclyde was eventually beaten by Mario and his friends, who used metal Mushroom Blocks to bludgeon Treyclyde to near death. Wart, angry with Tryclyde over him being beaten, eventually knocked him unconscious, put him in a basket and left him on Bowser's doorstep.

Bowser, finding Tryclyde, tried to use him as a minion henchmen also, but this proved futile, as Tryclyde would rather dress in costumes then help King Koopa in his schemes. Bowser, tired of Tryclyde always failing, threw him out a window in frustration.

Tryclyde landed on Shigeru Miyamoto and survived the fall. He was hired for a few shames, but Shiggy got mad and tossed Tryclyde out another window.

Tryclyde survived this fall, landing in a dumpster; without anywhere to go, Tryclyde lived on the street, forced to eat scraps. It was only when Peach wrote Tryclyde a letter of advice, to answer a letter Tryclyde had written earlier, that Tryclyde decided to clean-up his act.

Tryclyde, after facing a large amount of adversity, eventually became a reverand and, using an inheritance he received from his dead uncle, built his own church, where he is the Reverand as of now.

Tryclyde was killed by Raiza on first part of first episode of sixth season of The Super Evil Guy Super Show.