Schezo mug

The almighty pervert, Schezo Wegey, has only appeared in Mario Kart: Quadruple Dash!!!! and Schezo's Revenge, although he aspires to be in more. He was once some kid in a class but went through a mirror and learned of his fate to become the dark wizard he now is today. Suprisingly, he is 180 years old despite his looks, and because of his stock phrase, "I want you!.....(actually I want your powers)", people love to call him a pervert.


  • Schezo has actually met Mario and they both became good pals, despite Schezo coming from a now-defunct company and later getting owned by Sega.
  • Schezo is both a rival and ally to Sonic, and both aspire to partner in a MMORPG.
  • Pac-Man is the only one who truly thinks Schezo is a perv. The others are just crazy.