Super Duper Thingie

A Super Duper Thingie in Teh Pathz0r, as seen in Mario & Luigi: Teh 4w3s0m3 Adventure.

A Super Duper Thingie is something that's weird, but most say that it's basically a Super Duper Thingie. It looks like a bunch of Freaks fused together into one thingie. Evil Guy once ate one, threw up, and regretted it.SDT was created by Weegee and Fawful. Its the most dangerous pizzaeater in the world. Its even stronger than robotniks pingas lazor. Its owned by Squadala Man but there are no batteries in it so he cant use it. just on Fridays. One friiday he tried use it to kill Walleo but Walleo was even stronger. So walleo punched Squadala Man and the SDT so they was send back to Hyrul