Super Mario's Cupcakes box art

The boxart for the game

Super Mario's Cupcakes is a shame that was released for the Game Triangle in 2001 . The game revolved around Mario going from world to world.



Mario, surrounded by cupcakes at the beginning of the game.

The story begins with Mario hungry for cupcakes. He opened the box to get some, but then found out that all of them were gone! Mario went to see Peach and ask her if she stole the cupcakes. Then he accidentally destroyed Peach's castle and everyone in it. Mario, however, survived and went to get more cupcakes from the market. However, on the way, Mario saw Evil Guy holding HIS CUPCAKES!!!

Mario jumped up and stole them back. Evil Guy got mad, so he trapped Mario into an ANTI CUPCAKE WORLD! Mario was scared, but prevailed through everything, defeated Evil Guy, saved the Cupcake King, and lived happily ever after, except for the fact that he had a lousy girlfriend named Tim. The ShameCube Is Realesd for the first time in 2000 Nintendo 46 Is Ending In 12 Weeks IN 2001


  • The Fields
    • Boss: Pickle
    • Description: A large field with grass and air. It's dull, though.
  • The Desert
    • Boss: Mummipokey
    • Description: A very hot and dry desert. The levels are extremely long and nearly empty.
  • The Beaches and Sea
    • Boss: Gooper Blooper
    • Description: A beach. The sea is large, plus there's a huge oil spill in it.
  • Giant Land
    • Boss: a Fat Goomba
    • Mini-Boss: Yahoo!
    • Description: A place where everything is bigger. Some things are auctually extremely overweight.
  • The Sky
    • Boss: Angri Cloudz
    • Description: A lot of solid clouds in the sky. Many of the clouds are angry, however.
  • Ice Land
    • Boss: Lemmy Koopa
    • Description: A giant ice cube. There are many nitrogen traps.
  • Lava World
    • Boss: Big Bird
    • Description: A very large volcano. It erupts every 15 seconds.
  • Cupcake Castle
    • Boss: Evil Guy
    • Sub-Boss: Evil Cupcake
    • Description: A castle made out of cupcakes. Tremors happen there, meaning that the castle's slowly being destroyed.
  • secret world
    • boss: Bloodba
    • sub-boss 1000 Goomba,s
    • Description: a world with only goomba,s chuck norris tried to get through but failed