The War Ends is the first episode of the second season of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!


Wario and the X-Men decide to have a truce with the Koopa Mafia.

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End Party


Scene 1

The camera shows Wario's basement AKA The X-Men's hideout. Inside the X-Men are having a conservation.

WARIO: I wonder why we started this crazy war in this first place...
WALUIGI: I dunno. Did the Koopa Mafia steal all our Cheese before.
WARIO: Well, we could possibly start a war over that, yet I'm sure that didn't cause this one...
BOWSER: Did they steal our money?
WARIO: Of course not! We KILLED each other in this war! I'm sure our war had a more complex start...
DONKEY KONG: I can't agree more.
WARIO: 'K. We need a truce anyway, as we didn't even get a day off in acting for this show-WAIT I mean from fighting our enemies...
BOWSER: What about that time when we were Sneaking into a G-Rated Movie?
WARIONobody cares about that story! The Koopa Mafia is not even there, and Baby Tario wanted to sneak into this movie!

The camera zooms out of Wario's house and goes to Dry Bones's house.

Scene 2

As the camera goes into DRY BONES's basement it shows the Koopa Mafia spying on the X-Men via video cameras implanted in Wario's basement.

DRY BONES: Wario really does have a point on this war...
SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT: What?!? Wario and the other members of the X-Men are our main enemies!
GOOMBA: Yes, but this war lacks a good reason. Remember that time when we attempted to steal Wario's apparently EXPIRED candy?
SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT: So!?! He killed me in the end of that day anyway!
DRY BONES: So that's why they call you Some tiny moron that nobody cares about...
SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT: Grrrr... Well, I guess I'll have to agree. This war is pointless! We'll have to make a truce.

The scene darkens.

Scene 3

The camera shows Wario on the phone talking to someone.

WARIO: Meet me at that Random Dark Alley, 'K?
????: 'K.

The next scene shows wario walking into the Random Alley with Dry Bones waiting there, holding some peace of paper.

WARIO: Lemme sign this first, as I am the star of the show!
DRY BONES: No, me! I made this treaty anyway!
WARIO: Okay! Fine...

Dry Bones signs the paper, then Wario signs it. And... The episode ends with a picture saying "Or will they stay in peace?"


  • It may be a good thing to have a truce with your rivals or enemies.


  • That thingie at the end is anwsered in the next episode, where the war starts again.