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toad town in the 70s

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Toad Town is neither full of toads, nor is it a town. The name was created as an alias, so as to hide the Toad slavery mines. Porky founded the place so he can defeat Ness, but he failed at the end and was soon kicked out of the town. It was here that the Toads were enslaved by Princess


A person living in toad town

Peach, and since then it has been on constant surveillance by Bowser's freedom fighters. As of 2019, the population is 9,615,235, bigger and big than New York City

Apart from the enslaved Toads, Toad Town is known for its Depression Era Chicago-like atmosphere. Mafias ran by Godfather Guys rule the streets, and crime exists everywhere. The only source of cheer is the Toad Town Times, which unfortunately once led to the Yoshi's Island Scandal. So basically you can't leave the house in Toad Town without getting shot.

From Toad Town, one can access many places: Goomba Road (known for their roadkill), Not-So-Pleasant Path (where bullies reside), a desert that is inconspicuously dry, with no reference to its humidity level whatsoever, and most importantly the slavedriving Princess Peach's Castle.

Though now and again Bowser's freedom fighters have attempted to liberate Toad Town, the team is constantly pummeled by gangs of brotherly middle-aged, overweight plumbers. However, despite all the action, Toad Town was strangely bypassed by the Toad Revolt. Toad town was recently destroyed by Daisy.