Who knew he liked to gamble?

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not that kind of toadsworth.

Toadsworth Q. Applehead LXXIV
was Peach and Daisy's grandpa.When he was younger, he was considered a hunk. He was once on the side of good, but later betrayed the Toads. He was considered to be one of the lowest ranking members of the Association of Board Hosts. He was a very awesome person until the Career-Damaging Scandal. His fame then went down. However his fame went down all the way after causing the Toad Revolt, Toadsworth led the army against the Toads and tried to force them into submission. Toadsworth was a highly-esteemed man until the scandal of 2006, and was sacrificed to the Toads. Toadsworth was revived by the Foreign Legion; however, after a vote started by the president, George W. Bush they killed him again.

What A Hunk!

Toadsworth Q. Applehead: 1712 - 2007