Wawaluigi preparing to attack

Wawaluigi is a hater version of Waluigi. He was among the haters created by Nintendo when they needed more haters and used the Wa-Machine. He is Waluigi's nemesis and constantly follows him around.

Wawaluigi spent three years arguing with Wawario over who got the last piece of gum. The problem was solved when Wario took it, and popped it in his mouth. Then, Waluigi came in, and then they started fighting while Wawaluigi walked away.

Wawaluigi appeared in a couple of shames before being recruited by Wadaisy for Super Daisy 64. Wawaluigi tried to stop Daisy. After failing three times, he was killed by Wadaisy. Later, his body, with those of Wabowser and Wamario, was put into the Washing machine that is convenientently located that fuses/kills people. The three were fused into Wabowarigi.

  • Some people claim that if "Wa" is the opposite of the person so:
  • $ Waluigi (bad) + Wa = Luigi $
  • No, that's not possible, let's try this:
  • $ Waluigi (bad) + Wa = Good Waluigi (Wawaluigi) $
  • Doesn't make sense... This other now
  • $ Waluigi (good) + Wa = Wawaluigi (bad) $
  • No... Waluigi himself is already bad...
  • This one will work
  • $ Waluigi (bad) + Wa = Wawaluigi (the baddest) $
  • Nope... Aw! I can't think, too much math... Hmm, well maybe it's this one.
  • $ Wa=-1 $
  • $ Wawa=-1(-1) $
  • $ Waluigi=-Luigi $
  • $ Waluigi+Wa=-Luigi(-1)=Luigi $
  • I got it! Wawaluigi is actually Luigi!