Mugshots of Yoshi after he was arrested for participation in the Yoshi's Island Scandal.

Real Name: Yoshi
Birth: 2000
Age: 16
Health: alive
Family and relatives: DUMBO (dad), lucy (mom), Birdo (girlfiend) and a sister
Impostor(s) Yushee, New Yoshi, Yoob
Death: Not dead
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Yoshi is a creature who is 50%

pickle, 20% dinosaur, 10% donkey, and 20% dragon who is perhaps best known for his participation in the Yoshi's Island Scandal during the late 1900s.


Red Yoshi

He is a fan of Weird Al.

He was once almost ate Princess Peach however during the scandal escaped and his dinner left so he could go with Mario. He now lives with his wife Birdo and 1,000 kids. Despite all of this, he is a member of the Fantastic Four after escaping prison. He loves collecting guns and shoots people as a hobby. Yoshi got mutated once right before the release of Yoshi's Book, where he fell into toxic waste and made him go through vocal loss, which also affected his voice, and became known as New Yoshi. Before Yoshi was transformed, that epic fail plumber tried to drop him of a cliff.

A picture of him being dropped by Mario.


  • Yoshi when killed by being thrown down a bottem less pit he was replaced by Yushee but Yushee was to ugly for Mario so he let Malleo have him
  • Yoshi does not get wings from blue shells. He actually gets them from Red Bull.
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    Yellow Yoshi

  • Yoshi can not get Baby Wario or Baby Malleo on his back since they are obsessed with walking or climbing
  • Yoshi's first appearance was the same ugly look as Yushee
  • Yoshi also has a Scratch account along with Weegee!
  • Yoshi gets eaten by Yoob to much
  • Yoshi has not appeared in Malleo games yet as a playable character this is planned for Super fail bros. 2